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CMS and Digital Content Delivery

Offer multichannel content delivery and a personalised user experience.


Customer success story

Content and information is the ultimate driving force behind the customer experience. This can take several forms of media such as articles, images, graphs, audio and video files. However, providing a highly engaging and personalised experience relies on strong CMS platform capability to deliver the right form of content to the right part of your audience at the right time.

Websites today are more than just websites, they are platforms in which organisations do business and engage with their audience. Organisations need to be able to provide a truly immersive and engaging web experience that is personalised and relevant to the end user. Because of this, now the CMS driving a site plays a pivotal role in the end-to-end customer experience delivery. It needs to be able to gather real-time behavioural data and learn from customer interactions in order to understand and guide customers to the content and information they are looking for.

pj responsive

pj responsive


Return on Investment

  • Reduce operational costs - Realise technology and marketing cost savings by investing in a technology that combines audience segmentation and content delivery capabilities, unlike expensive marketing automation platforms that only deliver part of the solution
  • Increase revenue -Convert segmented audience and member data into new digital revenue streams from paid content, native advertising and content marketing
  • Increase profit - Enjoy improved yields from digital content delivery and higher advertising and sponsorship premiums

Webvision is our flagship CMS, developed to serve the digital needs of content and community owners of all sizes. The platform is available as a cloud-based customer experience platform comprising a professional mobile-friendly website, an enterprise-class CMS and a market-leading audience engagement database. It is a true multichannel publishing platform that sits at the heart of your digital infrastructure, driving content and engagement through all channels – desktop, mobile and print.

The platform’s flexibility simplifies the production process, giving editors and marketers full control of the customer experience to keep pace with the continuously changing digital world. With the inbuilt content delivery tools, you can personalise components, pages, or whole sections of your website, to deliver a tailored user experience to your segmented audience. You can target based on practically any data that is collected such as user demographics, content entitlement, transactional history, and web usage patterns. And because we are expert in responsive web design, our technology takes care of removing the barriers and hurdles that so often litter the user journey, ensuring that any piece of content or webpage adapts and responds beautifully to the device, platform or screen size attempting to view it.

By combining our CMS and audience engagement capabilities, you can segment your total audience (registered web users, members and subscribers), and identify groups of people with common characteristics (job function, subscription status, country of origin, where they live, etc.). Then you can deliver relevant content and messaging, including native advertising, that creates a truly personalised user experience. And because you’re in control of creating and curating great content – whether that’s high-quality news and opinions, data and analysis, or content marketing and native advertising – you can also set up, test and control the access regime to your content that works the best for your audience.

cw responsive

cw responsive

Key Benefits

  • Member engagement - Increase dwell time, repeat visits and reduce bounce rates by publishing by matching great content with highly engaged users
  • Personalised user experience- Segment and target users with relevant content, advertising and marketing messages, throughout the user journey
  • Digital content delivery -Take control of content management and intelligent digital content delivery with a specialist CMS platform or through standard APIs
  • Responsive web design- Create truly immersive and engaging web user experiences that adapt to any device or platform

Our technology’s tools let you develop a rich understanding of your audience (customers and members) and easily segment the data, meaning you can target these people with content, advertising and marketing messages throughout the user journey. That means if you have a paid content model, you can identify segments of your audience that match specific subject areas and, using the identity and access management capabilities, deliver new and niche digital subscription services. And because we can help increase engagement levels, your advertisers and sponsors should be willing to pay a premium to reach a higher value qualified audience.

Webvision gives you unprecedented control over content creation and delivery, and that’s why industry leading publishers and member bodies such as Ascential (formerly EMAP), Thomson Reuters, Royal Pharmaceutical Society and The Law Society are all currently using the Webvision platform.